Week 22 – no bangers on this barbecue

I do love a good barbecue, but my experience of good ones is somewhat limited. Although I can cook steak or burgers and bangers to perfection on a barbecue (no burnt outside / raw inside for me), some halloumi on the grill is about as adventurous as I get. Luckily our friends Darren and Laura […]

Salt beef, bagels and pickled veggies … and lots of it

I have wanted to make this American deli classic of salt beef and bagels for a very long time. Two reasons really – firstly, I love it but when you but it in London the portions are rarely anywhere ¬†near as generous as the ones I have had in New York. Secondly it sounds like […]

Always thinking of my next meal

Having barely finished dinner, I am already thinking about tomorrow’s grub. I suppose at least I waited until I had finished eating – that isn’t always the case! So, Ocado had beef brisket on special offer today which I had delivered. It’s not a massive piece (I thought it was supposed to be dirt cheap […]