Week 1 2017 – looking ahead to the new year

Well today is 1 January 2017, and it’s my second New Year in adult life that I have been sober (the first was last year when I was pregnant; this year breastfeeding is to blame). I barely remembered that today is Sunday – with Andrew off work for the Christmas break, I have lost track […]

Week 51 – Christmas menu

Next Sunday, I am hoping that little Ioan will be fast asleep after celebrating his first Christmas, and I will be nursing a Baileys and eating Ferrero Rochers whilst watching some nonsense on the telly. The turkey and Ocado shop has been ordered, the presents are wrapped, the tree is looking beautiful and the cake […]

Week 49 – Christmas is coming

Yes, it’s December, so I am officially allowed to say that Christmas is coming. What with being on maternity leave, I am quite prepared for the silly season: at least I have bought most of my presents (being in to receive Amazon Prime deliveries has its benefits!) and my Ocado and butcher’s order are in […]

Week 38 – a new normal

Since the birth of our son, life has changed dramatically. Of course that won’t surprise you – whether you have kids or not, you know that a baby in the house means that your life is dictated to by a tiny human who can only communicate through crying (and the odd scream), who you simply […]

Week 37 – saying goodbye to Henry

Being one of life’s worriers, as soon as I got my cat Henry fifteen years ago, I started worrying about the inevitable day when we’d have to say goodbye to him. Henry seemed quite keen to start using up his nine lives almost straight away by developing a chronic illness which included crystals in his […]

Weeks 28 & 29 – birthday in Rome, with Anthony Bourdain’s favourite restaurant

My meal planning hasn’t really been particularly noteworthy over the last two weeks as we have been away for a birthday trip to Rome, and Andrew has also been away for a few days in Wales to continue his birthday celebrations (will they ever end?!). I am just about to leave the house to meet […]

Week 17 – piling on the pounds in Poland, yum yum

We were on holiday in Krakow in Poland last week, arriving back in the early hours of this morning, so I spent the week eating Polish goodies and drinking Polish beer and dangerously alcoholic spirits. Although I was keen to try Polish food, I admit I wasn’t expecting anything special: stodge, lots of meat, rustic […]

Week 12 – some healthy eating (and the odd biccie!)

I think last week I was still scarred by the custard cream spread incident (a reminder of my shame here), and I didn’t find it difficult to stick to a week of deliciously healthy menus. Taking advantage of the weather, which had turned cold again, I ate stews, soups and jacket sweet potatoes, plus my […]

Week 10 – out and about again

Actually, it’s not me who is out and about so much this week – it’s Andrew’s turn, but there’s no point in me cooking big dinners when I am home alone otherwise, well … I’d eat them! And poor Andrew’s not just going out partying, but he will be working quite long hours this week, so […]