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Everything I write on this site reflects my own honest opinions and experiences. All photos are my own – please don’t reproduce them without my written permission.

I don’t often get paid to write about a product, but if I do I will make that clear at the top of a post by stating that it is sponsored. I’ll do the same if I get sent a product to review – again, it doesn’t happen very often but is nice when it does … as long as the product is nice. I’ll always be honest about what I think of something, regardless of whether or not it was a freebie. My friends and family agree that free things are great, as I do like to share out any goodies I receive so that I can get their views as well. Hopefully they will remember me and those jars of pickle I gave them when they win the lottery …

I love going to restaurants, and if I have enjoyed the experience I will write about it on these pages. I will always have chosen to visit the restaurant because I want to. I always pay my own way (unless Andrew is feeling flush!). Very occasionally (I wish it happened more often!) I get invited to restaurants for foodie events or for new openings, and if I enjoy the experience and want to share the details then I might write about it – if so I will make it very clear that the evening was a complimentary experience. If I didn’t like something about it, I will say so.

When I share recipes on this website I will always state my inspiration (usually Nigella Lawson, I do love her!), along with a link to the official website where possible.

Anything which appears in the ‘Why I love …‘ section is there just because I think it is great, but if any PRs from these lovely companies would like to send me something because I am such a big fan, I certainly won’t say no.

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