GBBO challenge week 8 – doughnuts

Mmmmmmmm, doughnuts. Deep fried sweet dough, filled with jam and coated with sugar – delicious! Actually, I have never made doughnuts before – I always tend to shy away from anything which requires deep frying in case I accidentally set fire to myself or the kitchen – but I came across a recipe by Jo […]

GBBO 2014 challenge week 7 – eclairs

More apologies from me for getting behind on my Bake Off challenge for this year – seriously, the weeks are flying by, and I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas! In fact, I actually made my week seven challenge last weekend, but I haven’t had time to write about it yet. These challenges are getting seriously […]

GBBO 2014 challenge week 6 – salted caramel torte

Wow – time is really flying, and I am starting to get behind on my Bake Off challenges. I did actually make this little beauty the weekend after episode 6 aired, but have struggled to find the time to write it up. So week 6, if you don’t remember, was European week. In between Mel […]

GBBO 2014 challenge week 5 – Somerset apple tart

Pies and tarts were the subject of this week’s Bake Off, and Norman (who practically dredged the entire studio in icing sugar when he ‘dusted’ his tarte au citron) was booted off, despite the fact that they are one baker down now that Diana has pulled out of the series due to illness. I think the […]

GBBO 2014 challenge week 4 – self saucing lemon pudding

Oh blimey, what was going on with the Bake Off this week? #Bingate made for fantastic viewing, and I am sure that the programme-makers were delighted to see how Twitter went ballistic over ‘Dirty Diana’ and her apparently sabotage of Iain’s baked alaska. Has a baking show ever had so much fuss? I doubt it […]

GBBO 2014 challenge week 3 – filled bread

I am running late with my Bake Off challenge this week, as I spent the bank holiday weekend in Paris for the Rock en Seine music festival. So instead of baking bread, I was eating sausages, aligot, Paris-Brest and confit duck, and watching Arctic Monkeys, Prodigy, Queens of the Stone Age and Blondie rock Paris. Oh […]

GBBO 2014 challenge week 2 – savoury biscuits: oatcakes

I had high hopes for this week’s GBBO challenge – but I had a few kitchen disasters, so what I eventually ended up making was not what I had planned. But first the show – I was glad to see the return of the historical segment this week: this time about why ice cream cones […]

GBBO 2014 challenge week 1 – cherry cake

I am, like many, so excited and delighted to see the Great British Bake Off back for another series … and this time on BBC1! Poor Andrew detests the show – he just cannot understand why anyone would be interested in watching people bake – but he does like to sample any goodies I make, […]

It’s here: The Great British Bake Off 2014

I am feeling just a teeny bit excited about this year’s Great British Bake Off. Well maybe a LOT excited. I love that show! As with last year, I’ve decided to do a Bake Off challenge for the blog, so each week I’ll be making one of the dishes the bakers have to make. Last […]