Foodie penpals – June 2016

Sadly June is going to be the last Foodie Penpals with Carol-Anne at the helm, as after 2 years of managing the whole process she’s quite keen on moving on (I can only imagine how much work and admin must be involved in matching people up each month). Hopefully someone else will take it on (not me, as I will be having my own new project to keep me busy from mid-July when the baby makes an appearance!), so I can continue to participate, but watch this space.

I was paired up with Dawn and Ruta this month. It turns out that I had previously sent Dawn a parcel of ‘unusual treats’ which included chicken tikka flavoured seaside rock! She said that although she loves unusual things still, maybe a bit less unusual would be good this time around! Poor Dawn – she never told me if she actually ate the rock, but I suspect not!

Anyway, I tried hard to be a bit more sensible with the contents of the parcel and included:

  • Umami powder – I came across this in a supermarket but am yet to try it – sounds interesting though!
  • Plum sauce – my favourite with roast duck
  • Flavoured macarons – so pretty!
  • Caper berries – I love these served with an aperitif
  • Lloyd Grossman pan melts in sundried tomato and ricotta flavour
  • A jelly drink from the Asian supermarket – unusual but hopefully not hideous
  • Some biscuits from a recent hotel trip which hopefully constitute a quick snack for Dawn as she checks out the rest of her goodies


Unfortunately I still haven’t received my parcel from Ruta, which is a shame as it’s the last Foodie Penpals. If something does eventually arrive in the post I will certainly update this blog post.

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