Week 1 2021 meal plan – and the school of mum and dad

Saying goodbye to the remnants of 2020

The decorations have come down, the Christmas bedding has gone into the wash, and the fridge is full of bits and pieces of yummy food (or ignored fruits and vegetables) which need to be used up. But as we move into week 1 2021, whilst I am pleased to see the back of 2020, I am a little bit apprehensive about what 2021 will bring.

School of mum and dad

As with the rest of London’s parents of primary school aged children, Andrew and I will be (supposedly) home schooling four year old Ioan. I literally have no idea what that will entail, as during the last lockdown Ioan had yet to start school, so we did nothing educational. We’re yet to hear from the school about what the week might look like (to be honest, I feel even more sorry for the teachers than I do for myself, having to cope with the current situation), but I am going to heed the advice of many who have already been through this, and take a very light touch approach to education.

working from home with ioan

Andrew and I are both going to be working full time, so that will be fun. With the rates increasing to worrying levels in London, we’ve decided to keep to just the three of us at home, so my mum and brother won’t be over for a while. I was already missing them from over Christmas, as they had been self isolating, so I have been feeling quite sorry for myself about this. But I am not the only one apart from family, and at least we have virtual catch ups on WhatsApp. Better to be apart and healthy …

Getting organised

Being organised in my life (where I can be) is always something which calms me down, so I have made great use of my new diary (a Christmas present from Andrew) to plan my week to a slightly obsessive degree. As well as breaking up our days with a regular walk, I also want Ioan to help me cook our meals, so have been planning accordingly. Plus, those pesky bits and pieces of food from the fridge need to get eaten up, so that has influenced our meal plan. I must say it will be nice to get back to ‘normal’ … as much as I enjoy fridge raids and help yourself, I do like the structure of proper meal times as well.

I am sure by week 2 I will revert back to sandwiches, salads or soups for lunch, but whilst I have Christmas goodies still to use up, our lunches are looking a bit more interesting than normal.

Menu plan – week 1 2021

  • Monday – cheese and vegetable puff pastry tart (using up courgettes, peppers and onions, plus the rest of the brie) / back to meat free Mondays today, and I will be making pasta with tomato sauce
  • Tuesday – roasted beetroot and goats cheese (to be used up from the fridge!) with lentils / Vietnamese pork with rice (this will use up the rest of the roast pork from Sunday lunch)
  • Wednesday – leftover pork with rice / pie and mash
  • Thursday – pea and ham soup (using the stock from the Christmas ham) / Korean fried chicken, noodles and stirfried veggies
  • Friday – smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis (Christmas purchases which need using up!) / fish and chips takeaway
  • Saturday – Toulouse sausages with lentils
  • Sunday – Nigella’s chicken with garlic cream sauce for a Cookbook Challenge

What about you?

Do you have any menu plans, homeschooling plans, survival plans? Feel free to share in the comments, and good luck everyone for this first full week of 2021.

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