Thoughts on being a (greedy) mum – month 8

Just after Ioan turned 8 months old, I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. Andrew actually did not believe I would want a Mother’s Day present, as in his view it wasn’t like Ioan was choosing a gift, so it was meaningless. He mentioned this point of view to his colleagues at work who (fortunately for me) swiftly put him right, and he assisted Ioan in purchasing some lovely gifts for me, presented with a beaming grin (which definitely reached his eyes!):

Ioan now loves swimming with his Dad, and even if we do get a few tears when he is dunked and the water shoots up his nose, he quickly recovers and starts grinning again.

He has also taken to the swings with excitement, and here he is grinning as usual:

Food-wise, Ioan’s appetite has increased, and as well as mashed up food he also eats finger foods with each meal. Here he is doing an impression of Groucho Marx:

We had a day trip to Cambridge while Andrew was working, and the sun was unexpectedly shining, so I had to pop in to Baby Gap to buy him some sunnies and a sun hat. I managed to keep the sunglasses on him for long enough to take this picture, and then they were ripped off his face by him in a tantrum!

Ioan still adores the cats, and his favourite is Alfie, who is surprisingly tolerant of him. Alfie has cleverly discovered that there is always a willing hand for him to rub himself against, and when that willing hand gets too grabby, Alfie is quick enough to dart to safety.

We had a trip to the seaside with Andrew’s parents, for what turned out to be the hottest day of the year. There were plenty of opportunities for photos, and this one is one of my favourites:

On Easter Monday, we took our first holiday together as a family, to the famously exotic Bognor Regis. In fact, this sleepy part of West Sussex has a special place in our hearts as it is where Andrew and I first met (at the University of Chichester), so it was a trip down memory lane too.

Ioan showed off his new trick of standing up:

He tried to steal my mum’s Diet Coke (absolutely not Ioan!):

He experienced sand for the first time (and loved it!):

And enjoyed a petting zoo at Butlins:

Spending time at the place Andrew and I first met, this time with our little boy, was quite strange. Our lives have changed beyond recognition from our student life of sleeping, boozing, dancing and caring about no one but ourselves, but we would not change it for anything in the world. Life is pretty perfect for the three of us at the moment (although a bit more sleep would be nice!).

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  1. Lovely words and such an adorable little boy x

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