Week 20 – more new teeth and even less sleep

Just two weeks ago I posted that Ioan’s fifth and sixth teeth were making an appearance. Well, teeth seven and eight have popped out now too. I say popped out, but anyone with a teething baby will know that teeth do not just pop out. Ioan has been a crying, ear-pulling, bundle of misery, unless I can distract him. Unfortunately for me his favourite distractions include slapping my face, pulling my hair and having a good feel around inside my mouth to check if there are any teeth he could pull out. I fear for my teeth and my glasses …

I feel terrible for my poor little fella, but I also feel terribly sorry for myself because of the lack of sleep which makes every daily task that bit harder. Ioan has a great trick of crying the second I doze off, which is a special kind of torture. I hope we get a break from the teething soon.

Anyway, food wise we’re looking at the following this week:

  • Monday – chicken Kiev and new potatoes (I know it’s meat free Monday but I just can’t be arsed today)
  • Tuesday – lamb curry with rice
  • Wednesday – pork chop traybake
  • Thursday – Andrew’s out so I think something simple like omelette will do me
  • Friday – I am out for a much-needed evening without Ioan, and am looking forward to dinner with the girls
  • Saturday – I have some Italian sausage in the freezer so will be making some kind of pasta dish – TBC
  • Sunday – roast beef which got bumped from last week

And what about Ioan? Well, I am not sure if it is a combination of teething and a cold, but he has been really off his food. It is demoralising when he eats practically nothing after I have made him a lovely meal, but hopefully he’ll get back to normal soon. Here he is looking slightly disgusted at the dining table:

Until then, I am just giving him bits and pieces of what we’re eating, as the simple fact of the food going into our mouths seems to make him want it. I guess with babies you just take your wins when you can!

As. you can see, he enjoyed licking the spoon when I made a cheesecake last week:

Here’s hoping for a better week for us, and a lovely week for you.

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