Week 43 – on the road to recovery

I think one of the only things that is worse than you feeling ill is when your helpless child is poorly and there is nothing you can do about it. Ioan’s feverish, clinging misery from the last couple of weeks was hard to cope with, as the only thing that soothed him was to be breastfed: even Daddy wasn’t good enough for him. That made it a little bit complicated for me to work from home on Monday and Tuesday when I kept him out of nursery:

Luckily he recovered in time for my first overnight trip away from him, which I had been dreading, and by all accounts behaved like a dream baby. He woke once in the night and was settled by an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine, and was otherwise indifferent to my absence. I might have felt a bit put out by that, except I received the most delightful welcome when I got home:

Once again I am off on an overnight trip this week, which I hope will be equally stress-free for Ioan. I am going to Barcelona for work, which will require a 3am wake up on Wednesday (sob) and hopefully I will be home at around 9pm on Thursday. I can’t wait for my day off on Friday to rest, relax and cuddle my boy.

Of course, he probably won’t miss me again because Granny Annie feeds him homemade chocolate chip cookies for breakfast:

Now his appetite is back with a vengeance and he has three new molars to chew his toast with:

So the plan for this week is as follows (with the last of the granola for breakfast, and sandwiches for lunch as I am only in the office for two days this week):

  • Monday – homemade marguerita pizza for my GBBO challenge
  • Tuesday – venison burgers with new potatoes and veg
  • Wednesday.- I’ll make a corned beef pie for mum and Andrew
  • Thursday – there’s a bag of scampi in the freezer for their dinner
  • Friday – Nigella’s chicken and pea traybake for my Cookbook Challenge
  • Saturday – Jamie’s sausage carbonara
  • Sunday – roast beef roast dinner

Any plans for you?

2 Replies to “Week 43 – on the road to recovery”

  1. So glad it worked out okay for you. The travelling must be exhausting but Ioan looks like he is back to health and happiness again.

    1. Thanks so much Janice – it’s a real relief to have him back to normal again, although it was lovely when he cringed to me like a little bush baby too :).

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