D is for Denmark – Nordic bar

I am slightly in love with all things Nordic – people from that region have beautiful accents, generally are beautiful (who wouldn’t love to be tall and blonde?), and seem to be genuinely nice people. Of course there are always exceptions, but I am yet to find any which have made me love the Nordics […]

A is for AUSTRIA – Kipferl

Charlotte, Jo and I did of course have several options for the first letter of our Alphabet Adventures (AA), but we wanted to choose somewhere a bit less obvious than Argentina or America. I remember visiting an Austrian deli in Smithfield called Kipferl, and when I googled it I was pleased to discover that they […]

Alphabet adventures with Charlotte and Joanna – an introduction

“It’s not easy being greedy”: well, that’s not entirely true. Being greedy is no hassle at all – I am without thinking about it. Greedy is me. Unless I am out in public and strangers might be watching me, I eat my dinner like a woman possessed (by the cookie monster). What’s not easy is […]