Week 17 – piling on the pounds in Poland, yum yum

IMG_2017We were on holiday in Krakow in Poland last week, arriving back in the early hours of this morning, so I spent the week eating Polish goodies and drinking Polish beer and dangerously alcoholic spirits.

Although I was keen to try Polish food, I admit I wasn’t expecting anything special: stodge, lots of meat, rustic and simple dishes. I was however pleasantly surprised by what I discovered about Polish cuisine. I’ll be doing a full blog post which details what I ate, but suffice to say I loved it all!

The lightness of peirogi dumplings filled with meat or cream cheese:


The comforting warmth of stuffed cabbage leaves:


The clean fresh taste of beetroot soup:


Squeaky and smokey sheep’s cheese:


I expected carbs on carbs, and whilst it’s certainly fair to say you’d struggle to follow an Atkins regime in Poland, the food was lighter than I’d expected.

Of course, I wanted to try everything Polish, and so ended up eating far more than I should have. Luckily we were walking an average of 10 miles per day (there’s an awful lot to see and do in Krakow), otherwise I’d probably not have fit back into the plane seat. As a consequence of my holiday appetite my food plans for this week are much more restrained, and I am planning the following:

  • Monday – miso cod with stirfried vegetables
  • Tuesday – I have discovered lots of leftover chicken curry in the freezer, so I’ll be using up one of those for dinner on Tuesday
  • Wednesday – salmon baked with tomatoes and leeks, baby Jersey Royals
  • Thursday – faggots from Wales thanks to a care parcel from Andrew’s folks
  • Friday – I’ll be out at a friend’s drinks party so dinner will probably be G&Ts
  • Saturday – lasagne from the freezer
  • Sunday – a selection from my next Cookbook Challenge: Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries

Have a good week!

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