Week 50 – goodbye diet

img_0304Silly season has officially started as far as I am concerned (I write this, eating the chocolates out of Andrew’s advent calendar as he has foolishly fallen behind with opening the little doors). There’s no point in bothering to try and be virtuous at dinnertime when rich and delicious food and tasty booze abounds. It is December, after all. I keep telling myself that I need all those extra delicious calories to keep my strength up while breastfeeding … but having been promised that the weight would “fall off me” I have been a little disappointed to discover that’s not the case. Probably because I have been eating advent calendar chocolates for breakfast, putting me on the sugar craving train for the rest of the day.

And I did treat myself to a box of my favourite chocolates this week (Ioan told me to):


And a cheeky Baileys (Andrew told me to):


I don’t have a Christmas party this year – very disappointingly, my company is not organising one for the first time since I have worked there, which is a real shame as the cost to the company is in my view outweighed by the benefit to staff morale – but I do have some lovely lunches to attend with both my mummy friends and work colleagues. And obviously my menu choices are not salad and tap water.

I am also going out to meet some of my fantastic food blogger friends for our ‘office’ Christmas dinner, which I am really looking forward to. Although many of us have met in real life at various blogger events, it’s going to be lovely to be able to chat to eachother and not have to pay attention to presentations / learn about new products etc.

I did have a fantastic meal in Cambridge last week with my friend Liz, including smoked salmon to start:


Followed by roast pork with a monster yorkie:


And a chocolate brownie for pudding – gooey chocolatey goodness:


So the menu for the week reflects some nights out, and my ongoing mission to clear our freezer before Christmas!

  • Monday – our meat free Monday meal will be sweet chilli salmon with rice noodles
  • Tuesday – blogger fun
  • Wednesday – I don’t expect to want dinner as I’ll be out for lunch
  • Thursday – pork chops from the freezer with tray baked veg
  • Friday – plaice and new potatoes
  • Saturday – chicken kievs, jacket potatoes, mushy peas
  • Sunday – lamb cawl

Anything exciting planned on your side? Meanwhile, I’ll try to stop blaming my gluttony on the elf …


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  1. Blame the Elf for everything – i would if we had one!

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