Weeks 23-27 – birthday celebrations and nurturing my bump

img_6785.jpgThese last few weeks have flown by as Andrew and I prepare for the imminent arrival of our baby boy, and it seems like there’s hardly any time to fit blogging around cooking, cleaning, sorting out the garden, sorting out the nursery, working, and finding the energy to grow this baby inside of me, as he (and the associated indigestion and decreased bladder capacity) stops me from sleeping.

In just two weeks I start maternity leave, which, providing the baby arrives on time, will give me a further two weeks to finalise the preparations for the baby (and binge-watch the latest season of The Walking Dead and Making a Murderer) before my estimated due date. That means my latest priority is to empty the freezer so that I can start to re-fill it with homemade ready meals so we can eat well when we have the chance during parenthood.

img_6804.jpgMeal preparations by day are getting a touch beyond me now, so instead here’s a snapshot of my freezer, and some ideas:

Various dimsum left over from our visit to Hoo Hing earlier in the year, ham stock, frozen raw tiger prawns, sausages, half a pack of beef mince, venison meatballs … and then heading down to the bargain basement section: a chicken pizza (I won’t eat this so it’s for Andrew), 2 fishcakes, lightly dusted plaice, potato waffles, frozen chips, and a packet of puff pastry.

I also have the usuimg_6799.jpgal range of frozen fruit and vegetables which don’t have to be used up as they will form part of our meals going forward. And my store cupboard is utterly STUFFED full of dried goods and baking ingredients (plus the ‘odd’ packet of crisps, biscuits and chocolate!).

Finally, our fridge includes some perishables which need to be eaten asap, including lamb meatballs, nduja, goats cheese, beetroot, aubergine, courgette and asparagus.

So the plan is to make some or all of the following meals over the next two weeks, which include some home-based lunches as I have a scan and a consultant appointment at the hospital this week:

  • Ratatouille with lamb meatballs
  • Prawn linguine with nduja
  • Dimsum
  • Sausage, potato and vegetables tray bake
  • Venison meatballs, cooked Swedish style with chips
  • Griddled vegetable, beetroot and goats cheese salad
  • Dusted plaice with jacket potatoes
  • Waffles and fishcakes!

I think I’ll save the mince to bulk out some bolognaise sauces I plan to make and freeze, and the ham stock can be used for a pea and ham soup which will also live in the freezer.

Otherwise, what’s happened recently? Well, full blog posts are to follow when I find the time, but here’s a snapshot of my foodie few weeks.

I had delicious Korean fried chicken for my K foodie Alphabet adventure:


I made corned beef pie (recipe coming soon):


My lovely friend Jo took me out for a birthday meal at Bob Bob Ricard:


I ate a lot of comfort food … chocolate digestives dunked in tea:


And beans on toast:


I realised that I need a pedicure as painting my toenails is now IMPOSSIBLE:


I celebrated by 40th birthday at a fisherman’s cottage in Whitstable:


Including a fantastic celebration dinner at The Sportsman pub in Seasalter:


My lovely friends helped me celebrate my 40th at a house party this weekend (I roasted a chicken, boiled a ham, baked sausage rolls and a corned beef pie, made a cherry and coconut cake, brownies, welsh cakes and blondies, knocked up a potato salad and coleslaw, and plated cheese, salad, vegetables and pickles):


Jo made me an awesome cake (which made me cry – oh god these bloody hormones!) and I was thoroughly spoilt by all my friends and family. Turning 40 has actually been pretty wonderful, despite drinking Gaviscon rather than champagne!


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  1. All looks lovely. – beautiful flowers too – very lucky girl!
    Take it easy now x

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