Weeks 46 & 47 – I don’t like life without a kitchen

This week, the cats have mainly been decorating us with their dusty paws:


While we have been eating ready meals …


… and crumpets for dinner:


But by the end of week one the kitchen is … progressing!


This weekend we treated ourselves to some meals out, including breakfast at a lovely local cafe:


And dinner courtesy of Mum and her partner in their local pub – check out Andrew’s mixed grill burger!


Sunday lunch today at our local was delicious …


Especially my pudding of profiteroles with salted caramel ice cream:


We’re doing our best to keep on top of the dust, in preparation of our second week with no kitchen. Not much point in planning our meals, but I did receive a beautiful hamper of goodies from Grey’s Fine Foods and the Spanish delicacies in here will, I am sure, make life a little bit more pleasant this week.


Otherwise, I have a couple of mystery stews in the freezer which should be ideal to microwave for a meal or two this week, and I am looking forward to dinner with my friend Emma later in the week (obviously I can’t wait to see her, but also I can’t wait to escape from the dust!).

Bloody dust …


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