Foodie penpals – April 2015

IMG_2211.JPGOkay, I know I am really late this month with my reveal, but it’s not my fault! My Dutch penpal Mandy was a bit delayed in sending me my parcel (for which she was very apologetic) and I wanted to wait to receive it before I posted an update, and I finally had my box of goodies delivered today. After a day out of the office yesterday I was super excited to rip the packaging open so I could see my treats, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Mandy sent me a great parcel of “her favourite things” but didn’t explain what they all were, and as I don’t speak Dutch I’ll have to make a few educated guesses, so here goes:

  • Sprinkles – I know what these are, although I must admit I use them for cake decorating rather than the Dutch favourite of sprinkling them on buttered bread.
  • Stroopwafels – well not only do I know what these are but I also ate them as soon as they came out of the box! Yes, both of them!
  • Liquorice – these look like those liquorice allsorts which have fondant in the middle and liquorice around the outside but looks can be deceptive … the texture of the white inside and black outside is identical and tastes of liquorice (which I love) but doesn’t have the texture … very strange, but good.
  • Two packs of cake – I opened one in the interest of research and it’s kind of like a spiced loaf. Would be nice with a bit of butter I’d say.
  • Mint tea – this smelt lovely as I opened the box.
  • Sperzlebonen – no idea what this is but it seems to be a mix of some kind to add to vegetables. I am guessing a curry flavour but I basically have no idea!
  • Mals en kruidig – this seems to be one of those flavour bags which you put meat in to spice it and then bake it in the oven. I definitely need to figure out the instructions for this so I don’t end up melting plastic in the oven!

IMG_1887I was paired up with Kerry and so sent her the following as she said she loves Thai food:

  • Wonton soup mix
  • Pad thai sauce
  • Udon noodles
  • Miso soup
  • Korean meat marinade
  • Medjool dates (because I love them)
  • Sea salt chocolate (because I love it!)

Kerry did her reveal via the new Foodie Penpals facebook page – why don’t you take a look and think about joining up? f you are interested, then please do find out more and sign up at This Is Rock Salt. We’re taking a break next month due to holiday season but I am just in contact with May’s penpals so I’ll hopefully be able to reveal another lovely parcel at the end of this month.

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