Foodie penpals – April 2016

img_6391.jpgOnce again I am late with my Foodie Penpals reveal, but slowly catching up!

April’s foodie penpal parcel came all the way from bonny Scotland from Debbie, and was once again a fantastic mix of pregnancy friendly treats and snacks.

My parcel included an Old El Paso stand and stuff kit (which Andrew loves because even he can make these!), some gorgeous tattie scones (one of my favourites!), a selection of jam and lemon curd which are the perfect size for a couple of bagels, oatcakes – also delicious and cheesy, a couple of bars of tablet (like Scottish fudge) which I actually shared with my colleagues as I was about to have my Gestational Diabetes test at the hospital and didn’t fancy spiking my blood sugar too badly!, Irn Bru which was immediately stolen by Andrew, Oreo cookies, coconut macaroons and fudge, which I have been slowly working my way through since receipt, and some marinades which I haven’t yet tried but will be useful as post baby easy meals.

As you can see from the picture, Debbie also made me a beautiful card to go with the parcel. It turns out that she makes wedding cards and favours, so here’s her website in case you fancy getting in touch with her about making you some personalised wedding goodies.


I sent the following to Michelle, and funnily enough also included in my parcel a stand and stuff kit, which as I said we love for quick and easy meals. I also added:

  • Jelly Babies (currently a pregnancy addiction of mine)
  • Jelly
  • Rice pudding
  • Ambrosia custard
  • Welsh treacle toffee
  • Welsh cakes

A bit of a Brit-feast!


2 Replies to “Foodie penpals – April 2016”

  1. Trace & Andrew, A massive congratulations, as I am sure you will be aware I have no desire to be a member of Facebook, so I have to use another method to say congrats, normally the phone, but I thought you may be busy.

    PS when I said you should name the baby after me, I didn’t think you would, flattered.

    Take care and take each day as it comes

    Well-done to you all Jx

    1. Thanks John – really kind of you to say that. How could I not name my baby after someone as wonderful as you? 😉

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