Foodie penpals – September 2015

IMG_4598.JPGThis month has been the month of the German Jessica! Both of my penpals are named Jessica, and both live in Germany. However the Jessica who was sending to me is originally from the USA, and the parcel she sent me was a great mix of German and American goodies. Her lovely blog Mustard and Bananas talks all about her life as a US expat living in Frankfurt.

This pretty parcel was waiting for me when I arrived back from my holiday to Las Vegas, feeling jetlagged and a bit miserable, so really could not have come at a better time.



Jessica sent me:

  • Apfelwein – this deliciousness (apple wine) was something I first came across when I visited my friends Sonja and Michael in Frankfurt. It’s a bit like cider and we were served it with pretzels on the apfelwein train which takes you around the city – great fun, and so kind of Jessica to send me some.
  • Pretzels – to go with the apfelwein of course!
  • Gummy bears – because you can’t have a parcel from Germany without including gummy bears (I have read a story that they have laxative qualities, so I won’t be gorging on them all in one go).
  • Ritter Sport – another classical German treat, and nut chocolate is one of my favourites. I haven’t cracked it open yet simply because I am trying my best to detox from the Vegas trip, but it’s quietly calling to me …
  • Waffles with honey – best served with a hot drink, says Jessica.
  • Ginger beer – one of Jessica’s favourites.
  • Chocolate chip cookies – because after all, Jessica is American!

How marvellous is that – a lovely, thoughtful package of treats, thanks so much Jessica!


And onto the second Jessica, to whom I sent a parcel. Apart from liquorice, Jessica isn’t fussy, so I put together a parcel of teatime treats and British goodies. I had great fun putting this together, and I hope Jessica enjoys it all. I sent her:

  • Angel Delight – my favourite! Chocolate and Strawberry flavours.
  • Birds instant custard – I love this stuff, and hopefully Jessica will enjoy it.
  • Jelly – so British!
  • Jelly Babies –  my favourite sweets (I like the red ones best).
  • Cadbury fingers – you can’t go wrong with these, and they are perfect with a cup of Yorkshire Tea, which I also enclosed.
  • Mars chocolate powder – apparently you can use this to make milkshakes or hot chocolate, so I bought one for Jessica and one for me to try.
  • Terrys chocolate orange – another favourite, and Jessica said this is what she is most keen on trying!


So thanks to both the Jessicas for being my foodie penpals this month. If you want to take part, speak to Carol-Anne at This is Rock Salt for more information, or take a look at the Foodie Penpals Facebook page.

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  2. Ooh, I’m intrigued by the Mars chocolate powder!
    Aww, Angel Delight takes me back to my childhood 😀

    1. Love a bit of angel delight 🙂

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