Week 10 2017 – shitty dinners

However much you enjoy cooking, if you haven’t slept more than an hour straight during the night then you’re not going to be in the best mood for slaving over a hot stove.  So over the last week Ioan has been having his fair share of ‘ready meals’ (Ella’s Kitchen pouches – which are actually pretty decent in the scheme of things) and Andrew and I have eaten some crap … although nothing as bad as my brother’s ‘shitty dinner’ (thanks to him for letting me share this picture). I do have some standards.

My equivalent is an M&S ready meal!

I also tried to replicate Andrew’s favourite ‘chicken curry and chips’ which was apparently not as good as the real thing, but definitely worth having again. I made my own chips and used this Man Food sauce, which I discovered in a deli in Muswell Hill. It’s available via Ocado which will definitely make my life easier.

I did make these waffles, chocolate sauce and ice cream. Okay it’s definitely junk food, but at least I know exactly what went into it.

I’ll try and do better for the rest of this week – the plan is as follows:

  • Tonight – roasted tomato risotto with garlic prawns
  • Thursday – breaded chicken, jacket potatoes, coleslaw
  • Friday – fish and chips (probably from our favourite chippy)
  • Saturday – Vietnamese style caramelised chicken with rice
  • Sunday – cottage pie

Fingers crossed things are getting better sleep-wise with Ioan too – we’ve had a couple of good nights, and I am hoping I might even be able to wean myself off sugar sometime soon!

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