Week 23 – a killer cough

It’s kind of Sod’s law that in the week that Ioan starts to sleep so much better, both Andrew and I come down with a stinking cough and cold that means we can’t sleep! Even better, because I am breastfeeding I can’t take any medication either (although I am off to the doctor tonight for some help, as I now have an ear infection as well), so I am feeling very sorry for myself. The cough is so brutal that it makes us retch, so we’re off our food as well, although I have been dosing myself up with chocolate as I am sure I read somewhere that it helps to line the throat and soothe a cough. Not sure it’s working though so I’ll keep self medicating …

When we have been eating, it’s been simple and soothing recipes, including a wonderful wild garlic pesto which I used on three different meals last week:

  • Wild garlic pesto with pasta

  • Baked cod and prawns with pesto potatoes

  • Salmon with pesto and salad

It’s such a simple recipe to make, especially with my Froothie Optimum g2.3 Platinum Series induction blender*, and I’ll be sharing it with you later this week. Sadly I think wild garlic is now out of season, so I’ll have to remake it with basil for a more traditional pesto recipe.

Ioan absolutely adored the pesto too – I made him a portion with mini pasta shells and he enjoyed decorating his tray with them (I am pretty sure some even went in his mouth!).

Assuming we are eating this week, my menu plan is as follows:

  • Monday – British rose veal with potatoes and veg
  • Tuesday – Vietnamese pork
  • Wednesday – steak salad
  • Thursday – Lamb massamam curry
  • Friday – homemade fish and chips
  • Saturday – sausage tray bake
  • Sunday – roast chicken on the barbecue if the weather is nice (inspired by last week’s barbecue).

Plus plenty of chocolate to keep my throat lined …

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