Chocolate orange birthday cake recipe (perfect for Halloween)

chocolate orange birthday cakeI woke up this morning and realised it’s the blog’s birthday … and I had forgotten to make a cake. But I had to make a cake for a Halloween party I am attending later today. So, that’s the story of my spooky blog birthday cake!

This is a chocolate orange cake: orange zest in the sponge, chocolate orange cream filling, and orange juice to make the bright orange icing (a little help from the food colouring pot for that one). As long as you have a whisk (preferably powered by electricity) then the cake could not be easier to make, and although I haven’t tried a slice yet, I am 100% confident that it will be delicious (the chocolate orange cream filling is amazing).

Chocolate orange birthday cake recipe

  • For the sponge: 250g self raising flour, 250g golden caster sugar, 250g stork or butter, 4 medium eggs, zest of one orange, juice of half an orange
  • For the chocolate orange cream: 1 chocolate orange, 150ml double cream
  • For the icing: 5 heaped tbsp icing sugar, juice of half an orange, orange food colouring

Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees and line a round cake tin (I use my silicon mould).

Put all of the sponge ingredients into your freestanding mixer and mix until well combined and the cake mix is fluffy and pale. Scoop into your prepared cake tin and bake for around 45 minutes (I tested mine at 30 minutes and it was still wobbly, but at 45 minutes the cake was baked perfectly). Take out of the tin and allow to cool on a wire rack.

For the chocolate orange cream, heat your double cream and add the broken chocolate orange (you are allowed to eat a segment … or two … yourself), stirring until melted, and then allow to cool completely before whisking until firm (the consistency of whipped cream).

For the orange icing, mix all of the ingredients together until you have a thick, smooth icing.

Slice the cake in half and spread the bottom of the cake with the chocolate cream. Top with the other half of the cake and spread with your orange icing. Decorate with chocolate sprinkles to make a pumpkin face.

Happy Halloween to you, and Happy Birthday to me!

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