GBBO week 10 – doughnuts

Okay, I know the Great British Bake Off 2018 finished LAST YEAR, but as you will have noticed, I am not blogging as regularly as usual at the moment, thanks to work and motherhood getting in the way of this lovely blog.

However, last year I did complete my challenge of undertaking a Bake Off challenge each week, and doughnuts were the final challenge of the series.

I love doughnuts, and surprisingly for someone who doesn’t love doughnuts, Andrew also likes them. However, even we would struggle to get through 10 doughnuts, so my making of them coincided with a little get together we had for Halloween. 10 friends and 10 doughnuts – perfect! It was someone’s birthday and so I made a doughnut birthday tower with them.

Tracy holding doughnuts

Try my delicious, light and airy doughnuts, filled with strawberry jam and rolled in sugar. Just don't eat too many at once Click To Tweet

When you are making doughnuts, you really need to be prepared to get the deep fat fryer out. Shallow frying won’t really work, although you could probably use a wok or deep frying pan to fry them (I am too cowardly to do anything like that).

And my deep fat fryer even has a doughnut setting, which made me chuckle. It means they were meant to be, right?

So how do you make these little beauties? Well, I followed this recipe by Paul Hollywood, with two differences: I only had one sachet of fast action yeast, so used instant yeast instead. I used 10g instant yeast instead of 14g fast action yeast, and achieved a good rise. Secondly, one jar of jam was more than enough to fill my doughnuts (and sod a piping bag – I made a slit in them and stuffed a spoonful of jam in each doughnut.

Delicious, soft and light. Also quite huge, so no fear of eating more than one at a time!

Here’s the lovely dough, ready to prove:

Doughnut dough

And shaped into balls, ready for a second prove:

Balls of Doughnut dough

Frying gently:

Frying Balls of Doughnut dough

Whilst a ‘friendly ghost Ioan’ comes to play …

Ioan the friendly ghost

Turn over in the fryer:

Roll in sugar:

Rolling doughnut in sugar

And serve:

A tower of doughnuts

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