Week 42 – invasion of the Welsh

As the first grandchild on both sides of our families, Ioan was always going to receive more than his fair share of attention from his grandparents. My mum lives in London so gets to see him regularly, but just for a few hours at a time, and Andrew’s parents live in Wales so see him […]

Week 26 – looking forward to the calm before the 40th birthday storm

My birthday celebrations have been brilliant, but carried on longer than expected. This week we have a brief break from birthdays before starting the celebrations for Andrew’s 40th, which will include a birthday party and trip to Rome (mmmm, pasta and tirumisu). I am very much looking forward to a rest as we’ve both felt¬†like […]

Week 16 – pizza, curry, a slap-up meal with the Canadians and Star Wars

This week has truly been a week of delicious food, despite almost all my plans going to pot. I started the week properly with beef curry and brown rice as planned, cooked as my plumber started working on the installation of a new boiler. I had forgotten that not having hot water extended to the […]