GBBO week 2 – chocolate hazelnut (Nutella) viennese whirls

For the second week running my newborn son (well, he’s over a month old now – where has that time gone?!) has allowed me to 1) watch the Bake Off, 2) bake my week’s challenge, and 3) blog about the challenge. Now if only he’d allow me to have more than a 3 hour stretch […]

Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies

How can you look at the title of this post and not be desperate to eat some Nutella immediately? And look at that picture of gooey Nutella stuffed into a warm chocolate chop cookie! Yum! I got the idea for stuffing cookies with Nutella when I saw a collection of ‘seasonal cookies you must try’ […]

Happy birthday to me – Nutella cheesecake

It was my birthday on Sunday, hence the peace and quiet from this neck of the woods over the weekend. I have managed to stretch out the celebrations to well over a week, starting with a visit from my mum last Wednesday where I cooked her a great chicken, asparagus and orzo pasta recipe … […]