Week 16 – bye bye Betty, and a house (briefly) without cats

As every pet owner knows, saying goodbye to your beloved furry friends is hard. At the end of February, only a couple of months after Alfie’s death, our cat Betty was put down by the vet after a sudden turn downhill. As has been the tradition with Henry and then Alfie, I wanted to write […]

Happy Canada Day with Nanaima bars

Today is Canada Day! It celebrates the 1867 anniversary of when three colonies united to become Canada under the British Empire, and that’s basically all I know about it. I would not even have known that, had Steph the Canadian not introduced me to Nanaimo bars to celebrate said Canada Day. And what on earth […]

The new and improved It’s not easy being greedy

I’ve been writing on my blog since October 2012 and when I first started, I didn’t know if I’d actually keep it going for more than one month. Actually, I really enjoyed writing my weekly posts, and started to feel like a real blogger after notching up 500 followers at the start of the year. […]

Boldly going … where millions of food bloggers have been before

When I originally started this blog in October 2012 (nearly half a year ago, how time flies eh?), the idea was to firstly see whether I had actually managed to maintain it by Christmas, and secondly read back through it to decide whether it was suitable to launch on an unsuspecting public, or more akin […]