An International Women’s day shout out to my mum

Not only did my mum bring me up to be the person you see before you (single-handedly after my dad died when I was eight years old), but she retired from work to look after Ioan twice a week so that I could return to my job.

That means she wakes up at 5am every Wednesday so that she can leave her house at 6am to be at my house before 7am so that we can head off to work.

As well as looking after Ioan (adorable but demanding!) she does our ironing, our shopping, tidies up, washes windows, cleans our oven, cooks our dinner … then stays the night on our spare (apparently very hard!) bed so that she is around in the morning so that we can start work again … and she can start work again!

Okay so she treats Ioan to more chocolate than I would like (I think I understand better now why I am so greedy), and drinks our wine (only joking, mum) and “puts things away” in random places so we are always losing our shoes or coats or bags … but she is pretty amazing, and having her around is a great example to Ioan of a strong woman!

Thanks mum, for still looking after me even though I am 41 years old!

And teaching Ioan to enjoy his food (not always chocolate and MacDonalds!):

6 Replies to “An International Women’s day shout out to my mum”

  1. Aww…..thank you for your kind words. Its a pleasure – I wouldnt do any of it if i didnt want to! xx

    1. Still, I really appreciate it – we are very lucky x

  2. Geoff Barrett says: Reply

    looks after me as well, and I’m 60!!

    1. Yep, she is a carer!

  3. That lovely x

    1. Thanks so much!

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