An introduction

I am so greedy. I used to be quite chubby, but after following Weighwatchers for a year I lost 3 stone. However, I have not lost my passion for eating good food, and so to satisfy my greed I behave myself 80% of the time and go to the gym a lot. For the rest of the time I basically eat what I like.

What I like is usually good quality, well cooked and tasty food … but I do have my moments where only dirty dinners (mini chicken kievs, potato waffles and baked beans; followed by Angel Delight) will do. The shame.

I also love cooking. My selection of cookbooks take up a whole row of my beautiful new floor to ceiling shelves, and now they are so accessible I really want to start cooking a greater variety of dishes, instead of relying on my old favourites (usually a Nigella or a Jamie). I am hoping that starting this blog might encourage me to be adventurous as I document my cooking and eating experiences (well, that’s the plan).

Also I fancy myself as a bit of a writer and I want to see if I can look back at these posts in a month’s time without cringing (and also whether I have actually stuck at it).

Finally, I want to be able to look back at what I eat and see if my diet is as balanced as it should be. I genuinely do live to eat, but is what I am eating improving my health or adding no value? I like to think of myself as a healthy eater, but I can easily binge my way through a packet of biscuits without thinking twice. I don’t do that very often … I don’t think – I’ll soon find out if I manage to stick to writing this blog.

So that’s me. Starting with the best intentions and a slightly rumbling tummy. Let’s see if I am still online at Christmas. And if so, if I read this post back and get tragically embarrassed. We’ll see. I am starting with enthusiasm at least … which is also how I start every meal.

Bon appetit.

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