Weeks 45 to 48 – bringing up baby

Where oh where does the time go? It’s like Ioan eats it with the same enthusiasm with which he eats his fingers (teething, wow, that’s not exactly a bundle of fun is it?!). Anyway, I have been planning my menus, but each time Sunday pops around I realise I don’t have time to write up my blog post because *someone* is expecting a bath / feed / cuddle (and that’s not even Andrew).

Today, I am trying to make a real effort to blog. Over the past weeks I have managed a few moments of deliciousness, including lamb stew served with cheesy pearl barley (as seen on Jamie Oliver’s Superfood programme):


French onion soup with cheese toasties:


Homemade pasta and meatballs:


Pumpkin soup:


Fish curry:


Hot smoked salmon kedgeree:


Minced beef  and stilton ‘wellington’:


Vietnamese style caramelised pork:


This week the freezer clear out starts in earnest, so the plan is as follows:

  • Tonight – vegetarian lasagne for meat free Monday
  • Tuesday – lamb stew from the freezer
  • Wednesday – salmon curry
  • Thursday – M&S chicken in breadcrumbs
  • Friday – takeaway!
  • Saturday – sausages and jacket potatoes
  • Sunday – corned beef pie from the freezer

And onto some photos of the boy himself, in recent weeks Ioan has been … an Irish leprechaun:


Kermit the frog:


A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle:


The stay puft marshmallow man (from Ghostbusters):


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  1. Gorgeous boy! x

    1. He certainly is 🙂

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