Still eating leftovers – week 2, 2022

All power to those of you who are abstaining from booze, meat, treats, caffeine, etc. Andrew and I are not, for two main reasons. Primarily, life in a pandemic is miserable enough, and these nice things bring us pleasure. But also I still have a tonne of food leftover from Christmas, and I prefer not to waste these delicious treats! Star the cat is keen to help out as well …

Star trying to eat food

So many leftovers

Apart from over-buying chocolate (and then getting given a lot for Christmas gifts), I don’t think I went too crazy with Christmas shopping. I still have a few jars of pickles which we’ll eat over the next couple of months. We ate all of the Christmas meat except some packets of sausages, which are in the freezer to eat soon. Christmas booze will last … er … well a few weeks! What we do have left is a fair amount of cheese. So lunches this week will be cheese and cracker focused!

Just the best jambolaya

Jambalaya with chorizo and halloumi

The jambalaya recipe I discovered on the Tilda website last week was a real winner for all of us. I highly recommend it as it’s really easy to make, and tastes so good. Ioan absolutely loved it, and I always appreciate finding a recipe which is a hit for the whole family. I stirred some spinach into mine (after removing Ioan’s portion as he is suspicious of ‘leaves’), and some cherry tomatoes, and it felt very healthy and nutritious. I’d also say it’s a great way to use up any veggies in your fridge at the end of the week – very easily adaptable.

The king of pies

Galette de rois

Having worked for a French company for many years, I am very familiar with the tradition of the ‘Galette de Rois’, which is traditionally served on twelfth night, and has a little charm (or dried bean) hidden inside – whoever finds this becomes the “king”. Usually filled with frangipane, which I hate, I prefer to make mine. It’s so simple! I make an apple compote by cooking some bramley apples in butter and sugar, allowing them to cool, and sandwiching the mixture between two rounds of puff pastry. Seal the edges, egg wash, and bake in the oven, and voila, you have your galette.

Weekly check in

Following my iintentions post of last week, I have written today’s blog post, plus a recipe for a delicious carrot and lentil soup which I will share this week. I have not managed a daily walk as planned, but I did make it out a couple of days for some fresh air, which is better than none, and I also switched off my work laptop as close to 5pm as I could.

I have been meal planning (more below) and trying to be mindful of how many fruit and vegetables I am eating, and how much water I am drinking; and we have been having fun! So a good week so far, even though it would be significantly improved if I could win the lottery, retire, and buy my dream home. Maybe next week?!

Menu plan for week 2 of 2022

  • Monday – fish cakes with peas and spinach
  • Tuesday – Korean chicken with stir fry (ok, I just realised I forgot to order story fry veg with my Ocado delivery which arrived today, so this might need some tweaking!)
  • Wednesday – chicken Kiev pasta bake from my new Hairy Bikers cookbook
  • Thursday – Mince beef pies with veggies
  • Friday – Takeaway
  • Saturday – i am supposed to be away with friends for an overnight trip, so for Andrew and Ioan’s boys weekend, Ioan has demanded breaded chicken with waffle fries for dinner
  • Sunday – freezer pizzas for the boys as I am not sure exactly what time I will be home

Let me know your meal plans, and how your first week of 2022 has gone to date. How are you getting on with your leftovers?

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