Week 39 – a carb-tastic week

Obviously, as any new mum could have told me, I didn’t manage to meet my meal plan every day this week. However, I didn’t do too badly … and I even managed breakfast on Friday (Ioan started crying the second I took this photo!):


Obviously I didn’t manage to make my own spinach and ricotta ravioli (oh dear me, who was I kidding?!), but this bought version (tortellini as Ocado had substituted my requested ravioli) with fresh tomato sauce was very tasty for meat free Monday:


This chicken and pine nut pasta is so easy to make – I basically take some short cuts on this Nigella recipe (who wants sultanas with chicken? not me – yuck), added some spinach, and used the pasta I had in the house as I didn’t have any tagliatelle:


No photos from Wednesday, which was supposed to be curry but ended up being takeaway pizza, so here’s my brother on babysitting duties … not sure who looks more scared!


Homemade chilli from my freezer stash was bulked out with brown rice mixed with kale, fresh tomatoes with coriander, and guacamole – a proper superfood meal:


On Friday we went for comfort food which was within Andrew’s comfort zone – fish fingers, potato waffles and baked beans. Delicious, and I also had a Magnum for pudding.


Roasted pork chops – you can’t really go wrong with these – except forget to take a picture, so here’s one of the delicious gin and tonic I had after the pork chops:


For the upcoming week, I am planning the following:

  • Monday – to use up the ricotta which never made it into ravioli, I am going to make ricotta and parmesan fritters using a Jamie recipe, with a tomato and vegetable sauce
  • Tuesday – roasted cod with vegetables
  • Wednesday – I am out and about with the young man today, so chicken and chorizo stew from the freezer is on the cards, or perhaps a barbecue if the weather is nice and Andrew is feeling like he might be able to spark up our Weber …
  • Thursday – sausage tray bake
  • Friday – fishcakes
  • Saturday – Vietnamese style caramelised pork with jasmine rice and veg
  • Sunday – shepherd’s pie jackets

What plans do you have for the week?

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  1. your baby is just sooo adorable! x

    1. Thank you so much – I think so too!

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