Popcorn ice cream sandwich with caramel sauce

Doesn’t that sound like such an amazing dessert? I thought so when I saw it on a menu the other night, and couldn’t resist ordering it.

We’d gone to The Elk in the Woods in Islington to meet friends who are back in London from Australia for Christmas, and I had already drunk more than a few glasses of red wine (admittedly, I can’t remember how many!).

IMG_0549.JPGSeveral of us had sensibly decided to have something to eat, and I chose steak and chips with bearnaise sauce. The steak was cooked to perfection and the chips were delicious, so I was happy and full up, but the idea of this popcorn sandwich kept singing to me, and in the end I had to order it (even though I was the only person to have a pudding!).

What I imagined was popcorn flavoured ice cream (not sure how  you’d do this; maybe infuse the popcorn in the cream before you make the custard?), in a wafer ‘sandwich’, drizzled in hot caramel sauce.

This is what I got: a thin slice of ice cream in between two slices of white bread, drizzled with some sauce and covered in a packet of popcorn. I was not impressed.


So, just remember that things aren’t always as nice as they sound. My resolution for 2015 is to think with my brain and not with my belly!

Happy New Year!

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  1. ann.knatt@turnerbutler.co.uk says: Reply

    How funny!

    1. It was very disappointing!

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