Foodie penpals – May 2015

IMG_2359.JPGIt’s my favourite time of the month when I get to share with you the foodie goodies I sent and received in May … and I have to make the most of it as Carol-Anne from This Is Rock Salt (the one who makes Foodie Penpals happen) is off on her holidays so we’re all having a little break in June.

So this month I was paired with Hannah from Will Run for Coffee (answer: probably not, I’d want a big slab of chocolate or some cake at the very least), and as she is based in London and works very near me, she kindly dropped off my parcel to my office.

Hannah’s parcel introduced me to one of her favourite shops: Embassy Electrical Supplies. Doesn’t sound very food related does it? But it turns out that this average-looking wholesale electrical shop in Clerkenwell is run by a Cypriot family who also sell produce from their citrus and olive groves in Cyprus. Hence my parcel:

  • Olives
  • Preserved lemons
  • Pomegranate molasses

IMG_2362.JPGI have never used the last two so I am really looking forward to trying them, especially as the ingredients come with such a great story (which, really, is what Foodie Penpals is all about). I am also going to have to visit the shop myself, as Hannah said her husband went there for cabling once and returned home with some of the best olive oil she’s ever tasted! I had a quick peek at their website and I know I will go in there and spend a fortune!

I was paired up with Birute in Lithuania and put together the following parcel, although I am yet to hear if she has received it … unfortunately a few of us have discovered that the postal system in Lithuania (and probably at this end too) is not entirely reliable and even though we post by the deadline of 20th of the month, our parcel’s are not guaranteed to arrive on time. I am keeping my fingers crossed that when it does arrive Birute likes her parcel as much as I like mine.

IMG_2263.JPGI sent her some treats which included:

  • Two types of Tyrells poshcorn (salted and lemon cupcake)
  • Wine gums, which are Andrew’s favourite sweet treat (don’t tell him I sent her some of his stash)
  • A stick of rock from Bognor Regis
  • Some individually wrapped teabags
  • Turkish delight from our local shop
  • Asian curry sauce as Birute told me she really likes spicy food
  • Salt from the Polish salt mine I visited on my recent trip

Birute, I hope you like everything!

If you are interested in joining Foodie Penpals after our summer break, then please do find out more and sign up atΒ This Is Rock Salt.

2 Replies to “Foodie penpals – May 2015”

  1. What a great package,and such an interesting story behind the items as well. I sent my package to the UK and haven’t heard whether it’s arrived yet. Birute was my other match – I got some lovely chocolate from her!

    1. It’s annoying when you don’t hear as you want people to be happy with your parcel – hope we both hear soon – going to take a look at your reveal now πŸ™‚

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