Working with Froothie to #Jumpstart17

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I do love a piece of kitchen gadgetry, but having the money and room for lots of pieces of kit means I cannot indulge in new toys as much as I would like. Andrew usually treats me to gifts for the kitchen for Christmas and birthdays, because he knows that I never feel I can justify buying them for myself.

So it was a little bit of a dream come true when the guys from Froothie got in touch and asked if I would like to become an ambassador for them. What this means is they send me products for review on this blog, and if anyone buys one of the products via the links on my site, I receive a small commission. That’s quite exciting for me, and as at writing Froothie are offering free delivery for any of their products ordered through the links below, so it saves you a bit of cash too. Basically any link on my blog to a product on the Froothie website will be an affiliate link.

The products I have been given to review are:

Before I’d be prepared to recommend any product to you, I need to spend a few weeks playing with it, so I’ll be making reference to these new toys over the coming weeks as I make new recipes with them. However, you don’t need to take my word for it, as at the bottom of this post I have linked to several other food bloggers who have had this kit for much longer than me, and have been able to prepare a thorough review.

So far I have only used my Optimum induction multi cooker pressure cooker pro, and have cooked porridge, rice and a chicken stew and dumplings, so it’s a good start, but there’s plenty more recipes for me to practice with before I write my final review.

And what is #Jumpstart17? Well, it’s a campaign by Froothie to help inspire people to make healthy decisions with their diet, and so bloggers like myself will be sharing recipes which are delicious but not completely indulgent, and using the hashtag #Jumpstart17 so that you can find our recipes easily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This campaign comes at a great time for me as I have finally eaten all the Christmas chocolate, crisps and biscuits, and am making meals which Ioan needs to be able to eat as well. This means I am being very conscious about what goes into his little tummy … and that means I also have to be more careful about what goes into my big tummy … so hopefully that’s a win-win for us both!

So while I get on in the kitchen, find out more about Froothie here, and read what my fellow food bloggers have to say:

Oh, and one more thing – Froothie have just announced the launch of this juicer which DOESN’T EVEN NEED CLEANING. Andrew and I have quickly become fed up of juicers because they are such a pain in the bum to clean so this one has really piqued our interest. It’s out in May this year, but find out more about it on their website.

12 Replies to “Working with Froothie to #Jumpstart17”

  1. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the cooker and the blender. I’ve played with my Pressure Cooker quite a bit now and love it!

    1. I am following you for recipe tips 🙂

  2. That’s the first time I’ve properly seen the inside of the Optimum multi- cooker, it looks suitably robust for taking the pressure. I love my pressure cooker, but mainly make soup in it, so I’ll be interested to see how you get on with it.

    1. Thanks Janice – I am really enjoying practicing new recipes with it- look forward to sharing soon!

  3. Look forward to seeing what you make with your cooker Tracy. I tested it out on a few things and thought it was a great piece of kit, apart from cleaning the lid bit! Also look forward to hearing what you think of the blender. I have that one too.

    1. Thanks Choclette – I can’t wait to make my own chocolate nut spread using the blender … I am sure I should be making a green smoothie but I cannot resist!

  4. eatmyyythoughts says: Reply

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on! I love my Pressure Cooker PRO and my G2.3 Induction Blender. I feel like gadget woman.

    L x

    1. Thanks Lorna – gadgets are such fun – also looking forward to reading your tips!

  5. it’s such a good cooker. look forward to seeing what all you make in it.

    1. Thanks – it’s great seeing what everyone else is making as well -love following #jumpstart2017

  6. Looking forward to reading how you get on – I love my G2.3 blender – it’s a fab bit of kit. That pressure cooker sounds amazing too! Eb x

    1. Thanks – I’ll catch up with some of your tips too 🙂

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