GBBO week 4 – raspberry blancmange

Who knew that blancmange could be so delicious? Actually I had a sneaking suspicion it was delicious as I remember being fond of it when young: a blancmange rabbit surrounded by green jelly ‘grass’ – surely the stuff of every seventies / eighties child’s diet?

But this raspberry blancmange, recipe courtesy of Prue Leith, is suited to more mature tastes.

A deliciously fresh and creamy raspberry blancmange, perfect for a dinner party dessert with just a little wobble! #GBBO Click To Tweet

I won’t replicate the recipe for you on here as I followed this one exactly, except to exclude the ground almonds and almond extract (replacing the latter with vanilla extract). If you don’t have raspberry liquor in the house then don’t worry, you can’t taste it in the final raspberry blancmange so I’d recommend leaving it out.

raspberry blancmange overhead

As fresh raspberries are so pricey at the moment, I used two bags of frozen raspberries (800g in total) which I had thawed before blitzing, and these worked very well.

Ioan dishing up raspberry blancmange

The sharpness of the raspberries is tempered by the smooth sweetness of the sugar and cream. As Prue said in the Bake Off, the raspberry blancmange is actually like a panna cotta, and I agree. I’d re-use these flavours to make a panna cotta (the colour is fantastic), or a delicious raspberry ice cream.

Just don’t accidentally tell your two year old son that the raspberry blancmange is Peppa Pig flavoured!

Ioan dishing up raspberry blancmange

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