A week of tantrums, tears, and Mother’s Day

Ioan has just this week decided that the bath is something to be feared, and so I am now unable to write my blog posts from the bathroom whilst I watch him play. Oh well, it was a good couple of weeks while it lasted, and I am hoping to keep blogging now I have got back into the swing of things – I just need to find some more time! The more time I find to blog, the more time I find to spend in the kitchen, cooking nice food and being inspired by my cookbooks and ingredients, so I really want to make sure I keep at it.

Happy mothers day

It has been a busy week at work, and a fun weekend with Ioan, finishing up with Mother’s Day today … not the most relaxing day, but full of treats and laughs … and a delicious roast dinner with a very pricey joint of beef from Hampstead Butchers in Muswell Hill:

Roast beef dinner

And some totally dreadful Yorkshire puddings (I think I made the batter too thick and so they didn’t rise – that will teach me to use someone else’s recipe instead of Delia’s):

flat Yorkshire pud

And a Hotel Chocolat cream liquor in front of the telly:

chocolate liquor and candles

As I mentioned last week, Ioan started to full-on tantrum over meals, which has been a bit challenging. Asking nicely, begging, bribing, shouting … nothing will convince him to open his mouth for a single taste of a food he has decided he doesn’t want. And so this next stage of his behaviour begins!

But did enjoy a sandwich at the shops yesterday (bribed by new toys!):

Ioan eating sandwiches

I didn’t manage to take a photo of the smoked sausage traybake I made from Emily Leary’s cookbook ‘Get your children to eat anything’ (reviewed last week), but we all (Ioan included) thought it was delicious.

I am hoping this week’s menu will appeal to him more. I am planning:

  • Monday – shop-booked gorgonzola and walnut ravioli with homemade tomato sauce (pasta with tomato sauce for Ioan as I don’t think he’ll eat the ravioli)
  • Tuesday – veggie-packed shepherd’s pie with sweet potato mash
  • Wednesday – pork chops
  • Thursday – pies of mums from the freezer with mash
  • Friday – we’re out with friends
  • Saturday – fish curry with rice
  • Sunday – chicken thighs baked with peas and leeks

What are your plan for the week, and how do you stop kiddie tantrums?

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