Week 11-17 2017 – time flies when you’re having fun

Wow, my plan to write two or three blog posts every week has failed miserably.

I blame the baby, but to be fair on Ioan we have been out and about so much lately, it seems like I never have time to write a new post.

But, it won’t be long now before I return to work, so I really need to take advantage of the ‘free’ time I have … if I can’t write at least once a week now, I certainly won’t be able to when I am a working mummy.

So rather than bore you with all of our adventures from the last few weeks, here are just a few foodie highlights, taken during our travels around Yorkshire and West Sussex, plus at home with the little one.

We certainly had a great time, and Ioan even caught a bit of a tan on the south coast (despite being lathered in SPF 50 and kept in the shade the whole time), but we’ve come back rather more rotund than we left London. That’s not a problem for Ioan, but is for me, so once the Easter egg is eaten (always an excuse eh?!) I really need to curb my appetite. It’s not easy being greedy!

Easter eggs!:

A Ploughmans from Up North:

Ricotta with pears and hazelnuts:

An Italian feast of anti pasti, tomato and mozzarella salad, and lasagne:

A delicious Sunday roast:

Mega egg!:

Easter lamb roast:


A Sussex feast of asparagus and dressed crab with local beetroot, bread and butter too:

Meeting Brian Turner at Bognor Regis Butlins!:

Last night’s Barnsley chop with Jersey Royals and wild garlic:

So this week’s menu has been / will be:

  • Monday – wild garlic and roasted tomato with gnocchi
  • Tuesday – chicken stirfry
  • Wednesday – Barnsley chop with jersey royals and wild garlic
  • Thursday – pork chops, jacket potato with cheese and chorizo
  • Friday – moules frites
  • Saturday – we’re off on a day trip so hopefully more ice cream for Ioan!
  • Sunday – Sunday lunch at a friend’s house

Any nice plans on your side?

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  1. Jane Billing says: Reply

    Some of that food looks familiar! I was thinking recently that the pears with ricotta and walnuts would make a lovely brunch dish especially if it was sprinkled with a quality granola or something similar. I love a fruit inspired breakfast.

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