Week 18 – new teeth and no sleep

Little nine month old Ioan is just cutting his fifth and sixth teeth at the moment, and these ones seem to be causing him a lot of grief. To be fair, he’s not doing too badly sleep-wise, but I have been relying a little bit on Easter eggs to get myself through the day. I also treated myself to this amazing chunk of cake from our local garden centre at the weekend – like a snickers in cake form.

Do babies really sleep from 7pm-7am? Ioan doesn’t like to go to bed that early – he’s more likely to settle down at 8 or 9pm, and with the recent teething issue, 11pm is not unheard of (any earlier and he just cries until we give him a cuddle). Hopefully once these teeth pop through he’ll have a reprieve and settle down with his sleep again, and we’ll be able to get him back to bed a little bit earlier.

The countdown to my return to work has officially started now too – I am heading back to the office in July, so really want to make the most of these last couple of months with Ioan. I’d also like to be able to fit into my work clothes, so have decided to make a real effort to lay off the sweeties (well, maybe just one little treat every day – I am still breastfeeding after all) and eat more fruit and veg (I think I have said this before, but then lack of sleep destroyed all of my good intentions).

So following on from today’s roast chicken I have made a chicken stock for soup lunches this week (which will do for Ioan as well), and I am bagging up The Little Loaf’s malted milk chocolate blondies for Andrew to take to the office. Breakfast will be yoghurt / fruit / cereal / toast (again, suitable for Ioan), and then for this week’s evening meals I am planning the following:

  • Tuesday – pork chop, jacket potato, homemade coleslaw
  • Wednesday – mussels
  • Thursday – cauliflower and broccoli cheese (Andrew hates this dinner but I’ll be home alone and can indulge in mine and Ioan’s favourite meal)
  • Friday – fish and salad
  • Saturday – sausages with new potatoes and veg
  • Sunday – beef and stilton pie

If you see me eyeing up a piece of cake then remove me from its vicinity immediately.

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