Week 40 – how wonderful life is while you’re in the world

img_8348So, with Ioan at 8 weeks old, we had our first night out without him. My brother, who pretends he is not a  big softy even though he already dotes on Ioan, babysat for us. We were completely confident that Jason would be fine with Ioan, but would Ioan be fine with Jason? He has his moments of grizzles and tears (mainly wind related), and Andrew and I struggle to settle him sometimes in the evening, so I was worried that Jason would end up spending an evening with a screaming baby (and I know how difficult that is when you are looking after him on your own). I should not have worried as Jason is apparently a bit of a baby whisperer, and Ioan was perfectly behaved with him. I am jealous of his baby-skills.


Andrew and I went to see Elton John at the Apple iTunes festival for our night out. It was a lovely evening, although I think we both spent almost every second of the night thinking of Ioan. And when Elton broke into ‘Your Song’, I listened to the lyrics in tears as I thought about our baby. Other mums warned me that I would cry over everything, and that has definitely been the case. I am an emotional wreck.


Of course, at other times I am nearly in tears of frustration as I wonder how to calm little Ioan and get on with things around the house … but I guess that is life as a mummy …

So this week I managed to make a few decent meals, including ricotta and parmesan fritters with ratatouille (recipe coming after I have made a few tweaks):


Barbecued steak (I am still slightly addicted to red meat):


Homemade cheese and potato waffles (not entirely successful so I need to work on these a bit more before I share a recipe with you):


This week’s plan is as follows:

  • Monday – prawn stirfry for meat free Monday
  • Tuesday – slow roasted Chinese style duck
  • Wednesday – mum’s over so TBC
  • Thursday – shepherd’s pie jackets, bumped from last week
  • Friday – roasted cod with potato rosti
  • Saturday – Vietnamese pork bumped from last week
  • Sunday – pulled lamb shoulder

And no plans to be away from my adorable little one this week!


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