Week 6 2021 meal plan – a freezer dive

So, it turns out that I need to plan my week’s menu before I order my shopping and get it delivered, otherwise I end up in a situation like now where I have to do a few days of freezer dives to get dinner sorted. I don’t know if freezer dive is a real expression, but it accurately described my frantic shuffling through the freezer shelves as I tried to think of meals to make with random ingredients.

Considering I really do think about food all the time, I am not entirely sure how I ended up forgetting to plan my menu. I blame a week where everything has felt a bit overwhelming – too many meetings clashing with Andrew, so that we both guiltily sat Ioan in front of the telly for too long; still not enough time to get work and home school done; not much opportunity to get out of the house; lack of sleep thanks to Ioan and his “poor head” (which is actually fine, but he isn’t sleeping brilliantly and so neither are we); and just the general relentlessness of lockdown. I know we are lucky we have our and our families’ health etc, so moan over.

And hey, I had some delicious vanilla cake this week which I made, so life isn’t all bad:

Vanilla cake and coffee

So what am I making for dinner this week?

  • Monday – the ravioli which got bumped from last week, with what? Who knows?! I don’t have any fresh tomatoes so I will have to see what I can dig out of the cupboards.
  • Tuesday – chicken curry from the freezer (I made it last year, and can’t even remember if it was very nice, hope so!)
  • Wednesday – fish cakes from the freezer with frozen veg
  • Thursday – Ocado day, hooray! I have ordered one of their Valentines meals for two, so we’re going to have beef brisket and veg (and maybe a carton of gelato and a bottle of Prosecco!)
  • Friday – takeaway
  • Saturday – pasta with pancetta, leeks, and gorgonzola, which got bumped from last week
  • Sunday – roast dinner

And hey, it’s a new week! And my friend reminded me that we’re just one week away from half term, which will take a bit of pressure off. Although that does mean I will have to find new non-educational ways to entertain Ioan … and ones which do not involve shaving foam (which ones one of those ideas I thought would be brilliant, but turned into a horrible mess, even though Ioan did love it, and demands to play with shaving foam every day now!).

Ioan shaving foam

Food-wise, I did make this delicious daal last week, which we will definitely have again (even though the photos are not particularly inspiring!):

daal with seafood

There was enough for leftovers, which were so filling for lunch the following day that we ended up just having beans on toast for dinner (sometimes the simple meals are the best though):

Beans on toast

I made our favourite Korean inspired crispy chicken with noodles yet again (a firm favourite in this house):

Korean chicken close up

And a delicious (but not very photogenic) lamb hot pot:

hot pot

Let’s hope this week is a little bit easier for us all, and see you on the other side.

Ioan homework

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