Baking double chocolate cookies with a toddler – a photo guide

The other day, when Ioan and I were at home together and it was freezing cold and starting to snow outside, I decided that instead of venturing out, I’d bake some cookies with him.

Plate of double chocolate cookies

Call it greedy, call it fortunate, but there is rarely a basic baking recipe where all the ingredients aren’t already in my house. I fancied some American style cookies for which I could make a large batch of dough, bake a few, and leave the rest in my freezer ready to bake from frozen each time the desire for warm cookies became too great to resist.

You will find various cookie recipes on this blog, including delicious Nutella stuffed ones, but this time I decided on chocolate dough and chocolate chips (although Nutella stuffing could make a pretty awesome triple chocolate cookie!).

Ioan and mummy, making double chocolate biscuits

I first creamed together 250g softened butter with 350g light brown sugar, then added in 350g self raising flour and 100g cocoa powder. I asked Ioan to hold one of the eggs while I cracked the other one into the bowl.

It wasn’t very successful:

Ioan pointing at smashed egg on the floor

Then I asked Ioan to switch on the freestanding mixer for me, forgetting that if it is turned on at a fast speed, all of the flour and cocoa will explode into a cloud onto the kitchen counter:

Ioan makes a mess with the food mixer

Once mixed, I asked Ioan to add a few handfuls of chocolate chips to the dough. He added them to his mouth instead so I had to mix them in myself. I then rolled out the cookie dough into balls, which Ioan helped me with:

Ioan rolling cookie dough

I then asked him to gently lay them onto a lined baking tray, but he found it worked better to throw them down:

Ioan dropping cookies on a tray

I laid out nine cookie balls more neatly and Ioan posed proudly with them (I froze the other 15 to eat another time):

Ioan smiling with a tray of cookies

After 14 minutes at 180 degrees they wear crisp on the outside but still soft in the middle, and ready to cool slightly on the tray before moving to a cooling rack:

A tray of freshly baked cookies

I gave one to Ioan whilst it was still slightly warm, thinking he would truly appreciate the delicious warm cookie. I think his face says it all:

Ioan looks disgusted at cookie

No mummy, too hot! Don’t like it.”

Okay, no warm cookies for Ioan. How about a nice, fully cooled cookie? I asked Ioan to hold it for me so that I could take a lovely photo:

Ioan being offered a double chocolate cookie

Oh well, they are delicious (according to me – Ioan refused to eat a single one), so I highly recommend you give them a go. Find the full recipe here.

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3 Replies to “Baking double chocolate cookies with a toddler – a photo guide”

  1. Brilliant – just love this boy! X

  2. Jenna Ager says: Reply

    Hi Tracy amazing seeing Ioan. I will have to try the chocolate cookie recipe with my 13 year old Ted. It will probably be messier and there could be more angst and tantrums! Hope you are all well and having a wonderful family time. Are you still living in Bounds Green? If so perhaps we could have a coffee in town? I am visiting mum in North London at end of Feb 25 to 1st March. I am guessing you are a full time mum and hence might be free ? Jenna

    1. Hi Jenna, nice to hear from you! I will email you about meeting up 🙂

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