Back to work and back on the straight and narrow

Back to work today and so am trying to behave myself food-wise. I have said before that I try to be good 80% of the time so that 20% of it I can indulge, and I find it so much easier to be careful of what I eat when I am at work.

Weekday mornings always start the same – a Nespresso coffee; porridge made with skimmed milk, a grated apple and cinnamon (eaten out of the jug I microwave the porridge in – not very classy!), and an orange juice. On Sunday nights I make a batch of soup to last all week for lunch – this week is leek and potato. It’s a good chance to use up veg which has been in the fridge all week, plus it’s healthy and filling (although soup only fills me up for a couple of hours – I am usually peckish again by early afternoon). After lunch I have natural yoghurt with chopped pear and a squeeze of honey.

As long as I behave myself and don’t indulge in kitkats and go to the gym, it means I can eat what I want for dinner. I try to plan that a week in advance as well so that I can buy the right groceries and avoid too much waste as well. I can get quite OCD about sticking to my plans – I do like a list! Additionally, I am now trying to clear out the freezer ready for Christmas, so I have an extra incentive to eat my way through the freezer sensibly.

So this week we have prawn and chilli pasta for tonight (with spelt spaghetti), then for the rest of the week leftover beef casserole with horseradish mash tomorrow, chicken and chickpea curry on Wednesday and steamed salmon with noodles on Thursday. On Friday we’ll probably have some frozen pizza, and meatballs on Saturday.

So we’ll see how I get on this week. I would like to say I have started how I mean to go on, but I have just dipped into* a box of chocolates from Germany which Andrew bought me, so it could all go downhill from now!

*by “dipped into” I mean “eaten all of …”. Whoops.

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