Must try harder

Okay, I confess, I practically ate my own body weight in chocolate this week (and that’s a lot). I rediscovered the tasty Club biscuit – the orange version was on special offer at the local Tesco metro (was looking for a pumpkin) and man they are more-ish. I ate the whole pack in 3 sittings over the week. Not as much chocolate as I remember, but yummy just the same. I also treated myself to some Hotel Chocolat praline goodies (my absolute weakness), thinking that the more expensive the chocolate, the less likely I would be to guzzle it in one go. That didn’t work.

Still, this is another week, and I will try harder not to go too overboard on the goodies. So the plan for this weekend is meatballs and pesto pasta tonight (well soon in fact – we are quite peckish and would rather eat dinner early than snack until later and then eat a full dinner). I am just roasting the meatballs in the oven, and will mix the pasta (cute “Mafalda Corta” pasta from Lloyd Grossman’s range from Ocado) with some store-cupboard pesto. I might stir in some spinach and toasted pine nuts, and top with some grated cheese.

I bought some diced rabbit ages ago from a farmers market, so have defrosted that for dinner tomorrow – I will make a rabbit stew with carrot and leeks which need to be finished up, and will serve with veg and new potatoes. The rabbit doesn’t need much cooking so it will be a relatively light stew. And I have decided to make an apple cake for pud. I must have seen one in a cook book recently (can’t remember which one) and really fancy the idea of a damp brown cake flavoured with cinnamon and mixed spice. Okay that’s not really trying harder in terms of a treat, but it is going to be better than a binge on chocolate and biscuits, and it will also satisfy my desire to bake.

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