Corned beef pie – a Welsh classic (new recipe)

If you are of a certain age, you probably ate lots of corned beef when you were growing up. Tinned or sliced, this mystery meat is salty and fatty, with a non-meat texture. For a food snob like me, I should avoid it like the plague, but I have very fond memories of corned beef […]

Meal planning Monday – 24 February 2014

What I discovered after doing my first ‘meal planning Monday’ post last week is that I am very good at planning my meals, but not always so good at sticking to them. That’s because life seems to conspire against me and I end up having to re-jig my plans – that’s life though I guess. […]

Nigella’s chocolate molten babycakes

My mum’s birthday was on 9 February, which this year fell between me flying back from Sri Lanka and her flying out to Grand Canaria. As a consequence, we only saw eachother this week – although that worked out well as we had the chance to share our holiday experiences and for me to give […]