Meal planning Monday – 24 February 2014

ImageWhat I discovered after doing my first ‘meal planning Monday’ post last week is that I am very good at planning my meals, but not always so good at sticking to them. That’s because life seems to conspire against me and I end up having to re-jig my plans – that’s life though I guess.

Monday to Wednesday went according to plan but Andrew ended up going out on Thursday night so instead of prawn and chilli pasta I had fried egg sandwiches! Then we ended up not going out on Friday so I hastily defrosted some haddock goujons which I had with new potatoes and broccoli and Andrew had with chips and baked beans (pig!). Saturday was as planned (mmmm, comfort food chicken kiev) and Linda ended up not staying for dinner on Sunday, so I made a Christmas dinner pie (that’s goose, ham and gravy leftover from Christmas day which I had frozen on 27 December, made into a pie with shop-bought shortcrust pastry). It takes until around now before I can stomach the thought of Christmas dinner again!

20140224-091106.jpgSo what about this week? Well, I am due to go out for dinner tonight with Jo and Charlotte for a Danish Alphabet Adventure, so Andrew will be having leftover pie. I made a minestrone soup on Sunday for lunches this week (mainly because I wanted to use up my cute pasta alphabet shapes – they are so cool!), and will be back to having my usual porridge (with added wheatgerm), grated apple and cinnamon for breakfast.

Here’s the plan:

  • Monday – Danish adventures for me, leftover Christmas dinner pie for Andrew
  • Tuesday – Spaghetti bolognese with spelt pasta
  • Wednesday – prawn stirfry
  • Thursday – I am out for drinks with a friend tonight so not sure if I’ll have dinner … TBC
  • Friday – battered fish from the freezer with potatoes and veg
  • Saturday – it’s St David’s Day so I am planning a Welsh feast, either for today or Sunday depending on what we are up to, of: cockle and bacon chowder to start (but a light version with milk and stock instead of cream), slow roasted shoulder of lamb on boulangere potatoes, plum cobbler
  • Sunday – (or Saturday depending on when we have our Welsh feast) I think I’ll buy some breaded chicken breasts from M&S, and do them with homemade coleslaw and potato salad.

You can find out more about meal planning At Home with Mrs M.


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