Week 44 – Chicken curry and chips, from the Chinese, in Wales

img_9052Yes, you read that correctly: chicken curry (what you might expect to be Indian in origin), served with chips (British?), but from a Chinese takeaway, in Wales. This is the food Andrew craves, and what he was delighted to eat during our recent trip to Wales.

This is not the kind of curry you would expect to find in an Indian restaurant, but very specific to Chinese takeaways in Wales, and apparently also a familiar dish in Scotland. Having tried it this weekend, I’d describe the curry as a mildly spiced, thick gravy.


All of the Chinese takeaways serve Andrew’s favourite dish (for him, always with chips, although you can order ‘half and half’ which is half chips, half rice, if you are feeling especially exotic), but Noble City in Treorchy is his particular favourite. Here it is in all its glory. If anyone knows a recipe for this particular type of curry, please send me the details and you will make Andrew a very happy boy.


Andrew’s mum Linda also made sure Andrew had his favourite pudding of homemade trifle, but Ioan wasn’t so keen (disclaimer: I didn’t really try to feed my 12 week old baby a trifle).


Now we’re back home and feeling podgy (it is still okay to be wearing maternity jeans isn’t it?), I think soups and stews are in order. My plan for the week is to eat porridge for breakfast on those occasions where I can manage time for breakfast, soup for lunch (bulk cooked at the start of the week … I am thinking vegetable and pearl barley is in order for this week), and the following for dinner:

  • Monday – pasta with tomato and basil sauce
  • Tuesday – chicken and leek pie, using hot water crust for my GBBO challenge
  • Wednesday – salmon steaks with veg
  • Thursday – lamb shank stew, using salt marsh lamb I bought from Wales
  • Friday – scampi
  • Saturday – chicken Kiev, jacket potato, mushy peas
  • Sunday – roast chicken

Don’t forget to send me a recipe for chicken curry if you know how to create the Welsh version!

By the way, how cute is my baby?!

4 Replies to “Week 44 – Chicken curry and chips, from the Chinese, in Wales”

  1. Jane Billing says: Reply

    You can buy the curry paste from Chinese supermarkets, spoon it out and mix with water….Your boy is edible he’s so cute.

    1. Oh wow we’re doing a trip to one ASAP – the problem is I will have to try and stop Andrew having it all the time! I know Ioan is such a cutie, not sure how we managed it 🙂

  2. I make this curry it is lush! I like it in the slow cooker, link to a seller on this post http://www.theygrowsoquick.com/2015/01/slow-cooked-chinese-chicken-curry.html

    Your little one is beautiful xx

  3. Dosnt look very appetising to me – I would prefer an Indian myself.
    Ioan is absolutley gorgeous – but then i would say that being his Grannie Annie! x

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