Week 11 – and a custard cream spread ‘incident’

Okay, let’s get the confessions out of the way first. This happened:










I am not proud, but in my defence I had come down with a cold at the start of last week, and was stuck at home waiting for my new sofas to be delivered. I was freezing cold working in the kitchen (as the living room had no seats!) and feeling sorry for myself. I suddenly remembered the tub of custard cream spread which I’d impulse-bought a while ago in Tesco and decided I’d try a little bit. Man alive, that stuff is addictive. I am sure everything inside it is terrible for you, but it tastes good. Next thing I knew, a third of the jar was gone (or possibly half), and I felt mighty sick! The lesson you should all learn from this is that you mustn’t buy custard cream spread unless you have more self restraint than me.

IMG_1398Already feeling over-indulged, I compounded this with a night out on Wednesday thanks to Zomato. They regularly host blogger events for bloggers like me who regularly review restaurants on their site (take a peek at my profile here), and had invited me to Gaylord Indian restaurant (the oldest in London) to sample their new menu. What I didn’t realise is that I would be sampling ALL of their new menu – 27 dishes to be precise, including their tacos served in a car! I’ll be writing up a full review very soon but I’ll let you know my verdict now: it is fantastic! If you happen to be near the west end and fancy a curry, give it a go and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

IMG_1444The rest of the week was a bit more peaceful luckily, apart from a brief cake scoff for Red Nose Day (calories don’t count if they are consumed for charity). My friend Liz had bought me some Comic Relief cupcake cases and decorations, so I whipped up some vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese icing, topped with a ‘red nose’ cherry and took them into work for my colleagues to purchase. I may have eaten one or two myself. And possibly a bit of cake mixture the night before …

Andrew has been working all weekend so I’ve been home alone. That has meant hours of gardening (which I detest, but admit the garden does look much better now it has been de-jungled), and my first cycle of the year up to the vet to pick up pills for Henry (not advisable when you have a chesty cold, I discovered). I also made a lovely lasagne for this week’s Cookbook Challenge, which I’ll share the recipe for soon.

Today I have been cooking food for this week as we’re planning to have a quiet one. I’ve made some stewed plums (for a #perfectporridge recipe – more on that coming soon) which will do for breakfast this week with porridge in the office, and leek and potato soup for lunch. Dinners are planned as follows:

  • Tonight – we’re going to have faggots, which have been in the freezer since Andrew’s family brought them from Wales for us – I can just bung them in the oven when Andrew says he’s on his way home.
  • Monday – Sausage and veggie pasta
  • Tuesday – venison stew
  • Wednesday – stirfry
  • Thursday – chicken cordon bleu with jacket sweet potato and veg
  • Friday – plaice with lemon and capers
  • I need Andrew to pick the next Cookbook Challenge book so I know what I’ll be making next weekend!

Do you have anything nice planned for this week?

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