Dinner from my new kitchen: poached eggs on toast

Finally … finally … this happened:


Okay, so the set up is not ideal: the electricity is not connected to my new Rangemaster so I can only use the hob, but I have been dreaming of dippy poached eggs for weeks (five weeks to be precise).


On the way home from work today I bought myself a loaf of sourdough, some eggs (sort yourself out Waitrose in Holborn – there were none of my favourite Clarence Court Burford Browns in stock today), and white wine vinegar for poaching (no idea where mine is packed).

Sourdough toast smeared with salted butter, softly poached eggs (I would have cried if they had been overcooked), salt and pepper:


It hasn’t made up for a day where after a poor night’s sleep (noisy next door neighbours), I woke up to an eye which was swollen shut (conjunctivitis I think), followed by a hard day at the office, and getting home to find the bloody conservatory people hadn’t turned up YET AGAIN (no, they didn’t let me know) so it’s currently raining inside my semi-glazed conservatory since they still haven’t completed the installation of the glass.


But it has made me feel a lot better than a ready meal would. And I have bought a bunch of asparagus to have with more poached eggs tomorrow. I might even be able to wash up in the kitchen sink by then too …


4 Replies to “Dinner from my new kitchen: poached eggs on toast”

  1. I’m glad your kitchen is finally coming together, I’ve been in the same situation and it can really get you down. It’s looking like you are on the home straight. Just think how lovely it will be when its completed. best wishes for Christmas and the new year x

    1. Thanks so much – it feels like we are getting closer. All the very best to you as well x

  2. It will all be worth it in the end!

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