Week 51 – countdown to Christmas

20140720-172014-62414207.jpgThere’s not much I like more than planning meals and writing lists, but because of my various kitchen disasters I haven’t been able to plan anything lately.

But, although we won’t have our kitchen finished for Christmas, I will have (and in fact already do have) a working oven, fridge freezer, dishwasher and washing machine, and temporary worktops on which to host my gadgets.

So that means I can finally plan what we’re going to eat over the next few days, and with Andrew out on the pop with a friend I’ve been sitting here in front of the telly deciding what to make. And here’s my festive plan:

Monday – okay I know we’re already here, but earlier I cooked us a steak, new potatoes, spinach and peas. Oh the joy of being able to eat vegetables again!

IMG_0479Tuesday – prawn, tomato and chilli pasta (I can’t wait to cook fresh pasta again).

Wednesday – today is Star Wars day and we’re meeting my brother for burgers and the dark side, but I plan to make breadcrumbed chicken with homemade coleslaw and homemade wedges for dinner in the evening.

Thursday – our traditional Christmas eve meal is a Rick Stein recipe which I have gradually adapted to become my own after many years of practice: salmon filled with salsa verde on a bed of roasted tomatoes. For a starter I’ll do a light stack of aubergine, tomato and mozzarella, and for pudding (if we can squeeze some in) a lemon posset.

Friday – the big day! Again, tradition dictates that we start with eggs benedict (made with homemade muffins and home-boiled gammon). Lunch (dinner really, as we rarely eat before 4pm) will start with prawn cocktail followed by a turkey crown, pigs in blanket, stuffing, roast potatoes, creamed leeks, carrots and peas. Pudding will be creme brullee. We rarely ever have room for leftovers, but if we do there will be plenty (and I mean plenty) of leftovers.

IMG_0484Saturday – we’re spending time with our friend Isi for boxing day, and I only need to bring along pudding, which I think will be a big bowl of profiteroles with lashings of chocolate sauce mmmmm.

Sunday – leftovers of course!

What are you planning for your Christmas menus? Are there traditions which make an appearance each and every year?

Piccies from last year as I haven’t made my Christmas dinner yet!

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