Week 52 – leftovers, leftovers and more leftovers

img_5300.jpegI love Christmas but I am not a massive fan of leftovers, as I don’t enjoy eating the same thing over and  over again. However, it is impossible for me (regardless of Christmas) to under-cater, so I always end up with leftovers. As I hate wasting food, I have to eat everything, but it often means freezing things so that I can make something when I can bear the thought of turkey or pigs in blankets again.

We had a lovely and relaxing Christmas, starting with our traditional Christmas eve meal of salmon roasted with tomatoes and salsa verde, but first I made us a simple beetroot and boursin cheese salad:


Then the salmon:


On Christmas day morning I made us eggs benedict, using homemade English muffins (check out the amazing yolks on my favourite Clarence Court eggs):


Our Christmas dinner started with a simple prawn cocktail:


Then the main event was turkey (a crown, which was bloody huge), pigs in blankets, potatoes roasted in beef dripping, creamed leeks, stuffing and peas:


Several hours later we managed to force down some creme brulee, and then were in bed by around 10.30pm, exhausted by the day’s festivities!


So what’s the plan for the final week of the year? Well, we’re starting each day with a fruit and vegetable smoothie to try and get some vitamins back into our diet (it’s so great to be able to use my kitchen goodies again),


and I’ll be making a lot of use of my new toy, a KitchenAid Cook Processor – a very cool gift from Andrew.

  • Monday – beef stew and dumplings made in my new toy, with creme brulee for pud (as requested by my mum who is over for dinner)
  • Tuesday – risotto made in my new toy (it has a stir function so I don’t have to stand over the stove, stirring the risotto!)
  • Wednesday – using the last of the Christmas ham for one of my favourite comfort foods: ham, egg and chips
  • Thursday – we’re not going out for New Year’s Eve this year, so I am going to bake a camembert to start, followed by some beef with bearnaise sauce for main, and pudding is to be confirmed but I am thinking that something light like a jelly or ice cream would probably be a good idea
  • Friday – prawn and chilli pasta
  • Saturday – we’re going to be having a lovely day with friends Jo and Billy, so not sure what we’ll be eating
  • Sunday – I can’t face a roast dinner yet so I think I might make a warming lamb and barley stew

How did you deal with your leftovers? Are they all used up yet? And what plans do you have for the start of 2016?

Merry Christmas!


2 Replies to “Week 52 – leftovers, leftovers and more leftovers”

  1. We guaged our purchases well this year and didn’t go too nuts – no major leftover disasters, and excess baked goods went happily in to work with hubs. A few cheeses leftover for NYE, and a couple of handfuls of chocs, because yum. So happy for you that your kitchen is in action!

    1. Well done on buying well – we still have some nuts and chocolate left (which I am trying not to eat by the handful hehehe) – happy new year to you 🙂

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