Meal planning Monday – 31 March 2014

ImageIt’s that time of the week again for meal planning Monday, and this is another toughie for me as I am in Paris again for work, so I am struggling to plan for the week.

Certainly on Monday morning I’ll be eating my Eurostar breakfast, which is usually bread, a croissant and jam, and a hot option like a bit of omelette and sausage, or a cold option like smoked salmon with some cream cheese. It’s never anything to get excited about as the portions are tiny. I’m going to be feeling particularly grumpy tomorrow as I’ll be getting up at 5am but my body will think it is 4am due to the clocks changing. It’s very upsetting!

Last time I was in Paris, Isabelle in the French team made a fabulous pear and chocolate tart, which I am keen to replicate as soon as she gives me the recipe. When I complimented her on the tart she said “oh, you should try my autumn fruit crumble”. WHAT?! A Frenchie making a crumble? Sorry, but a crumble is surely a British invention? So I told her we’d need to have a crumble-off to decide the best one. I’ve made a traditional apple crumble which I am sure will be a winner, but I’ll report back in a future post.

We’re out as a team for dinner on Monday night, and then spending the day at a hotel in the centre of Paris on Tuesday, so I am not sure what I’ll be eating. On Tuesday night I’ll be travelling back quite late, so I’ll probably eat on the train, and then finally on Wednesday I can get back to normal. That means porridge for breakfast but I won’t have time to make anything for packed lunch so I will probably have to venture out to the supermarket for something tasty (dangerous as I go when I am hungry and then end up eating triple the amount I should!).

The rough plan (liable to change) for the rest of the week is as follows:

  • Wednesday – chicken stirfry
  • Thursday – spaghetti bolognaise (thanks to the freezer for giving up the goodies I made a while ago)
  • Friday – fishcakes
  • Saturday – homemade pizza
  • Sunday – Asian feast (chinese roast pork belly, salt and pepper squid etc)

You can find out more about meal planning At Home with Mrs M.

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