Week 38 – a new normal

Since the birth of our son, life has changed dramatically. Of course that won’t surprise you – whether you have kids or not, you know that a baby in the house means that your life is dictated to by a tiny human who can only communicate through crying (and the odd scream), who you simply […]

Healthy (kind of!) wholemeal pizza

I thought this pizza was going to be super healthy, mainly due to the fact that I made the base with wholemeal flour. It turns out it’s not that healthy after all, coming in at just under 1,000 calories per pizza. However, it’s a HUGE pizza, and much nicer than supermarket versions (or even Pizza […]

Week 16 – pizza, curry, a slap-up meal with the Canadians and Star Wars

This week has truly been a week of delicious food, despite almost all my plans going to pot. I started the week properly with beef curry and brown rice as planned, cooked as my plumber started working on the installation of a new boiler. I had forgotten that not having hot water extended to the […]

Week 9 – and almost a whole week of cooking to come

I started off this week with a pretty full-on day in the kitchen. To celebrate St David’s Day I made Glamorgan sausages for dinner (recipe to follow) and Welsh cakes (recipe here if you fancy making them). I made a double batch of Welsh cakes so that I can take them into work and educate […]

Curry pizza from Curry Dave – review

When I was approached by ‘Curry Dave’ to review his range of curry pizzas (“currizzas”), I wasn’t exactly optimistic about the prospect. I like pizza, and I like curry, but a combination of the two sounded a bit weird and not very appetising. However, it did occur to me that the Curry Dave range might […]

A last meal of lamb pilaf before – doom – no kitchen

I knew that the last few days would be difficult. After a leak from the bathroom in February, we finally got our builder to replace our kitchen ceiling … and whilst he was at it, we decided to get him to take down the naff wallpaper, build some shelves and do a few other cosmetic […]

Meal planning Monday – 31 March 2014

It’s that time of the week again for meal planning Monday, and this is another toughie for me as I am in Paris again for work, so I am struggling to plan for the week. Certainly on Monday morning I’ll be eating my Eurostar breakfast, which is usually bread, a croissant and jam, and a […]